P1020566After a long career in the NHS as a biomedical scientist I was fortunate enough to be able to indulge my passion in Pilates and I trained to become a Pilates Instructor with Modern Pilates in 2011 as it has a clinical approach to the Pilates principles based on research from the field of physiotherapy and other holistic forms of exercise.


The essence of Pilates is on precision, not repetition or momentum and a key part of my lessons is enabling clients to have the lifelong knowledge of correct and safe postural alignment. 



I hold Pilates classes at Belton and Epworth in the Isle of Axholme, also at Barnby Dun near Doncaster, as well as having regular private clients. Now qualified as a Modern Pilates Specialist Instructor my skills are focused on helping my clients strive towards the ease of movement they enjoyed in younger years.


  The key benefits of Pilates are:

  • Increased strength and flexibility
  • Better posture, balance and core strength
  • Improved bone density and joint health
  • Better coordination and body awareness
  • Reduced pain levels during injury rehabilitation


P1020504When a client takes responsibility for his/her body and the aging process and actively seeks to protect themselves from preventable injuries by joining my Pilates classes they will find that the benefits extend beyond the purely physical. I have a relaxed and friendly style of teaching and hope that clients will enjoy the informative atmosphere and the relaxation benefits as well.


Using what I learn, I make my classes interesting and enjoyable. This helps my clients achieve the lean and functional body that is made possible by this form of body conditioning.  What is more, Pilates is suitable for everyone, male, female, young or old, and any level of fitness.


Constantly continuing my professional development I frequently attend Pilates Instructor courses across the country. I also attend the APPI Pilates International Conference annually to ensure I am at the forefront of Pilates and exercise science. Understanding the movement mechanics of the human body is something I am passionate about and I'm able to share that enthusiasm with all my clients.



Owner and sole operator of Isle Pilates I have a self-contained studio at my home in West Butterwick for private one-to-one lessons. I recommend all new clients that have been referred from their physiotherapist, doctor or chiropractor or osteopath have at least one private session before attending a class.


Contact number: 07903384065






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