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At Isle Pilates, the essence of my practise is on precision, not repetition or momentum, and a key part of my lessons is enabling clients to have the lifelong knowledge of correct and safe postural alignment.




We practice matwork Pilates classes which include the use of various props and equipment to add new and different dimensions to your regular PiIates movements.



Hear What Others Have to Say

I have been going to Pilates for just over a year now and any other form of exercise I know I would have long since given up on. You make it fun and hard all at the same time and I couldn't wish for a better Pilates teacher. You get to know each and every one of your class members, their weaknesses and their strengths, the passion and knowledge for what you teach is never ending. You were born to teach Pilates.

L. Barnby Dun

During Jill’s classes you can be assured that you will receive expert tuition and be properly monitored to ensure that you exercise safely within any limitations you may have in a supportive and friendly atmosphere…and not only that, you will enjoy yourself!

C. Epworth

Jill at Isle Pilates is an excellent instructor.  I go to beginners and back aware.  I have had improved posture and strength by practicing Pilates following an injury.  Jill is always attentive to what you can and cannot do.  She adapts positions to suit your strengths and tells you when you are doing well

J. Belton

Jill is my third and best Pilates tutor.  Her classes are well planned and include individual support taking in to account personal levels of fitness.  Her knowledge and experience is obvious.

R. Belton




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