Modern Pilates Level 3 Teaching Matwork Pilates
Progressive Matwork
Progressive Matwork 2
Postural assessment and shoulder stability
Pilates 2 – Pelvis and lower limb
Pilates 3 – The Spine


Pilates and Pregnancy
Pilates and shoulder stability
Pilates and Spinal conditions
Pilates on the Ball
Nordic Walking Instructor training course
Pilates for the Aging
Specialist Pilates – Hip and Knee
Specialist Pilates Instructor award


Level 2 Award in delivering chair-based exercise
Level 3 Award in Adapting Exercise for the Independently Older Adult


Mbodies: Standing and Spiraling full body Integration

The Centre for Women’s Fitness: 

Myofascial Release Techniques for fitness professionals

Pilates applications for Pelvic floor health and Dysfunction


Pilates for Menopause programme
APPI Pilates and Osteoporosis
Polestar Franklin Method – Muscle Magic
Level 2 Outdoor First Aid
Pelvic Floor Function and Dysfunction (PfE)
Liz Chandlers ‘Healthy Hips with Pilates’
APPI Annual Conference


The Art of Flexibility with Nisha Srivastava
APPI Annual Conference
Nordic Walking UK Annual Conference


APPI Pilates for Cyclists

MBodies: Pink Ribbon Breast cancer Rehabilitation Ex’s

1:1 training with National Pilates Trainer Liz Chandler

1 week at Pilates Retreat with Liz Chandler

Diamond Pilates for Pelvic Floor


Pilates Therapy: Touch, Massage and Trigger Points

Pilates Therapy: Twenty Touches

Spinesafe Pilates with Cherry baker and Tracey Gjertson


Adaptations to Pilates for stress and anxiety

Tendon Loading with Physiotherapist Alex Done

Pilates Therapy: Nerves and Neurodynamics

Pilates Therapy: METs

Hedgehog equipment training for Pilates Teachers

APPI Pilates for Runners (Sept)